Me! :)

Me! 🙂

I am a Japanese in America, lived about half my life in each.  Many people I know have expressed interest in Japan, especially after the announcement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  Japan is a great place to visit, and also a great place to live.  The food is delicious.  The seasons are colorful.

However, life is not all roses.  Sometimes you will get sick on the road.  Maybe you ate something that was not compatible with your body.  Maybe you forgot to bring your coat and got too cold.  In such an event, you will inadvertently have to go and see a doctor.

But wait, this is Japan?  Although citizens are taught English in school for at least 3 years with minimum education (mostly up to 6 or 8), they aren’t exposed to English every day!  That means, it would be very difficult to find anyone, let alone a doctor, that will understand your symptoms.

Hospital room

Hospital room

So I thought it would be beneficial to create a site with Japanese hospitals that are English-speaker-friendly.  Japan is preparing for an increasing number of foreign visitors and workers.  I’m plowing through the internet to find information on such hospitals and clinics, and pinning them on Google Maps.

If you are not on my map, or find inaccurate information, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form.